New German Eyre translation

A new Jane Eyre German translation published a few weeks ago: Jane EyreCharlotte BrontëTranslated by Melanie WalzInsel-VerlagISBN: 978-3-458-17653-407.12.2015 Nach einer Kindheit im Waisenhaus tritt Jane Eyre eine Stelle als Gouvernante auf dem entlegenen Landsitz Thornfield Hall an – und verliebt sich unsterblich in den Hausherrn, den düsteren und verschlossenen Edward Rochester. 138 more words

Emily Dickinson Archive

Rhys Tranter

Casey N. Cep explores an online repository of Dickinson’s work

Emily Dickinson published only ten poems. Printed in various newspapers, her verses all appeared anonymously. It was not some failure of contemporary taste but her own decision that kept the rest of her poetry private. Dickinson wrote in one poem that “Publication—is the Auction / Of the Mind of Man—” and indeed she seems to have felt there was something crass, even violative about fixing one’s words in a particular arrangement of type, surrendering them for a price.

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