Alexander the Great’s Tomb? The Mystery Continues


This is fourth installment regarding the elaborate Amphipolis burial complex that many hope might belong to “The Great” himself.

The riddle of the Alexander the Great-era tomb grew by a multiple of five on Monday as the Greek Ministry of Culture announced that bones found late last year belong to FIVE different people.  Archeologists determined that a 60 year-old female (suffering from osteoporosis), a newborn with undetermined gender, two males aged between 35 and 45 years, and an adult of uncertain age who, unlike the others, was cremated.  Adding to the intrigue, one of the male occupants was stabbed to death, likely with a dagger or a sword.  Was it murder most foul?  After Alexander’s death, who would rule his vast empire caused considerable discord among the generals.  In the chaotic time following his death, Alexander’s mother, widow, son and half-brother were murdered.  All of them were killed near Amphipolis. …

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