Amphipolis – the final resting place of Alexander the Great?

There are many reports on the mysterious amphipolis kasta gravesite recently. Articles and social media discuss the possibilites having discovered the tomb of Alexander the Great and his mother, the infamous and witch-like Olympias. The most intact bones discovered belongs to a woman about 60 with a badly fractured hip. The historians of antiquity gave Olympias a bad reputation in their texts, but Olympias had a nasty fate herself being stoned to death By king Cassander.

I’m also very intrigued and fascinated about the entire discovery. It would be one of these great moments of history if really proved the remains belonged to Alexander himself or anyone in his family. Still, we must stay sober and await DNA results and other reports from the archeaologists. Yet, it does stop me digging deeper into the mystery. I wanted to have a look into the old historybooks of Plutarch.

There are many sources which claim the great warrior king died because of murder. Today medical science claim most likely he died from thypoid fever after studying textsources report on his final days. –


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