Thinking Like the Ancients

It is late.

I stare at Abraham Lincoln, pensive as he is, covering my computer screen, in a white background and looking, diagonally, into the void. Thinking, I think; something I don’t do very well. Then a moment of mental silence. A hard thing, really. In comes a thought; I am annoyed at first. I am not ready to give up silence. It is something Marcus Aurelius wrote in Meditations.

Τούτων ἀεὶ μεμνῆσθαι, τίς ἡ τῶν ὅλων φύσις
Of this things ever remind yourself, what is the nature of the whole.
Acuerdate de estas cosas, cuals es la naturaleza de lo todo.

That first word… how annoying. There are three things that it can be, actually. I don’t even know if M. Aurelius meant a man, a woman, or a neuter thing. What is the subject here? Is it me? No. M. Aurelius wrote Ad se ipsum

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