I know the motive doesn’t say that much but I love the light in this photo.

Spring has finally arrived to a cold place, making new days a bit brighter and put people in a cheerful mode. Let’s hope summer will hurry.



I went out for a walk today and watched the many yellow explosions in the trees. It’s November but today was like any other day in autumn. My heart was restless, my mind stressed. I tried to focus on all things positive. Life in general and the future. Something rare disturbed a common scenery when I approached the water. A boat dragged up from the sea. A rare gift and an unexpected surprise!

Looking back...

At the moment I wish I could be here. Far away from where I am now. This is King Edward’s bay in Tynemouth. A really friendly place. Nice. Today I resigned from my work and I know I will never see that place again. I closed one door so another door may open. I look upon my future and I can’t quite see it. Once again I must journey. I’ve got my compass, I’ll navigate. I’ll try to be open to all things new.