I know the motive doesn’t say that much but I love the light in this photo.

Spring has finally arrived to a cold place, making new days a bit brighter and put people in a cheerful mode. Let’s hope summer will hurry.


If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

No, but here we are (still). Today we made planned for the warm summer. And we are indeed leaving! đŸ™‚


I went out for a walk today and watched the many yellow explosions in the trees. It’s November but today was like any other day in autumn. My heart was restless, my mind stressed. I tried to focus on all things positive. Life in general and the future. Something rare disturbed a common scenery when I approached the water. A boat dragged up from the sea. A rare gift and an unexpected surprise!

Looking back...

At the moment I wish I could be here. Far away from where I am now. This is King Edward’s bay in Tynemouth. A really friendly place. Nice. Today I resigned from my work and I know I will never see that place again. I closed one door so another door may open. I look upon my future and I can’t quite see it. Once again I must journey. I’ve got my compass, I’ll navigate. I’ll try to be open to all things new.